Our Service Offerings.

When you place your trust in Global Pacific Resources Inc., you can count on us to move your products from door to door without concern. From financing transactions to exporting logistics and importing products, we handle every aspect of the business.

- Sales and Marketing -

Unparalleled Knowledge & Expertise

Our knowledge of local markets coupled with our expertise in pricing trends and international commerce allow us to build long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our team has decades of experience understanding current market trends along with our customer's long-term requirements. We take the time to match the supply with the right end-use that maximizes product utilization and long-term strategies.

We live and work in the places we do business. We have deep product knowledge and we speak the local language. Each one of our team is well versed in multiple aspects of the industry, and we know how to solve even the most challenging situations. Our diverse and agile team understands the dynamic nature of today's markets, we can recognize developing market trends before they happen, We take the lead and adapt to ever changing business enviroments allowing us to capitalize on the change to the benefit of our suppliers.

We specialize in:

  • Developing new markets and products
  • Creative solutions for suppliers and consumers
  • Order processing and trade finance
  • Domestic and global Logistics
- Operations and Finances -

Securing Your Bottom Line

The market is constantly changing, from commodity pricing, to currency fluctuations, trade barriers and political risk, to the cost of doing business. Global Pacific Resources Inc. looks for the best ways to protect our partners from feeling the impact of an uncertain global commodity market. We work hard to secure the best pricing for all our partners and to manage international trade finance requirements in all the markets where we work.

In addition, to help secure sales for our suppliers and reduce the risks of working in new territories, we provide trade financing to both buyers and sellers - offshore or otherwise. Through advanced relationships with international financial and insurance institutions around the world, we're able to bring flexible financial options to every transaction. We understand the importance of secure and prompt payments to our suppliers, while our buyers often require extended payment terms. We work to bridge the financial gap.

We offer:

  • Pre-export financing
  • Cash and credit management
  • Countertrade solutions
  • Credit insurance
  • Extended payment terms
  • Open terms on approved credit
  • Trade finance options
- Transportation and Logistics -

Moving Large Quantities of Product Quickly & Efficiently

Our team seamlessly moves large quantities of product quickly and efficiently. We know an effective and efficient logistics chain is paramount in achieving success for both our customers and suppliers. Competitive freight costs are pivotal to profitability, and we work hard to offer the best solutions in the business.

Global Pacific Resources Inc. fosters relationships with the most reputable shipping lines, forwarding companies, terminals, and local transportation companies to move products to their destination in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

We handle:

  • Container shipments
  • Inland freight and drayage
  • Warehousing
  • Claims handling
  • Inspections
  • Bulk shipments
  • Vessel chartering

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