A note from our CEO.

"Building relationships in international markets is an incredible challenge—one we invest in every day. Building and maintaining the right kinds of relationships is an even bigger challenge. Trust, honesty, and integrity are paramount in all of our relationships. From the people on our team to the people we work with around the world, Global Pacific Resources Inc. believes in partnering with like-minded individuals who expect only the best.These relationships and values set us apart in the industry."

- David Honing, CEO

- Our company -

Forest Products Trading

Global Pacific Resources Inc. is a full-service company specializing in the forest products trade. Our experienced team focuses on the international sales and marketing of forest products. Through agility and creative thinking, we find solutions that unite suppliers and customers who would not otherwise be known to one another. Through our depth of experience we know our part of the industry and manage it well. Our customers can trust us to get the job done right so they focus on the other parts of their business they know best.

A particular strength of Global Pacific Resources Inc. is the import and export of secondary forest products. This is a unique business, and it often extends beyond the expertise of our suppliers. We've built extensive networks throughout global markets and know them extremely well. Our suppliers can have full confidence that we will manage this part of the business to their benefit.

We've built strong, dependable relationships in all facets of the forest products trade. We nurture these relationships daily, and we continually develop new ones across the globe. So when you call upon us to export or import materials, you know you can rely upon us to do the right thing for your business. But it's not just us. It's the people we partner with, too. We only work with people we trust to conduct themselves with the highest values. It's our integrity on the line, and we will always do what we say we will.

- Our locations -

North America to the World

We partner with North American producers to bring a variety of forest products to international markets. In this dynamic industry, it’s imperative to understand local customs, distribution, business practices, and currencies. There are many different ways of doing business all over the world and Global Pacific Resources Inc. goes beyond borders to fully understand the markets we work and live in.

While we have customers all over the world, our primary focus is on the offshore market. With people on the ground in China, India and Southeast Asia along with continual growth into other areas, we’re ready to serve your trade needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

- Our Team -

Experience is the Difference

Our team is made up of sales, marketing, trade finance, and logistic experts who have been in the business for decades. We handle every aspect of the business, so you don’t have to. We have the industry expertise, resources, and contacts to make things happen and move products without adding extra work or risk to our suppliers.

Our core team has its finger on the pulse at all times. Whether we’re arranging financing, transportation, warehousing, shipping, payments, to specialized labeling, we don’t leave the details of any transactions to anyone else, that’s our job. And with our proven track record you can trust us to do it right.

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